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Corona Blues (Web Cyber-Series

Filmmaker Jeanette Greenwood doesn't allow this time to go unused...

Jeanette Greenwood, Founder of Ladies in Film & Television teams up with Actors around the Country with an Epic Series called "CORONA BLUES". COVID-19 has taken over the world with it's deadly impacting. Impacting Countries causing the deadliest Pandemic in History.

Actors are out of work along with the rest of the world, says Filmmaker Jeanette Greenwood. Why not use this time to bring awareness to our peers as we see people ignoring social distancing and other laws set by government. It's sad that our elderly and others with immune deficiency suffer the way they are. We have to be considerate of those not as healthy as some. We also have to look at the Doctors & Nurses who are working double shifts to save lives. Our economy is the worst ever and small businesses are dying. We need something that can reach people, that doesn't cost, because many are broke. So I got with a few actors and hosted auditions and they showed up for the cause.

We are launching Episode 1, April 22nd. We are hoping it touch many. We also want people to remember its not a LOW BUDGET FILM...its a NO BUDGET FILM! So don't judge us to hard, she laughs. It's all in fun, yet bringing awareness at the same time, while giving our acting community an opportunity to not sit idled waiting on Hollywood to open back up. We want everyone to know we care, but STAY HOME!

Our series will Air via YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, every Wednesday & Friday. They are short films so don't come to late! We want to thank Author Asante McGee for jumping on board with us for an episode. Hopefully more influential Celebrities and talent will join the cast to spread awareness. Oh! They must be willing to work for FREE! We don't have any funding...YET anyways! (She laughs)